Letter to the Editor: ER chairs uncomfortable

I know that many who have used the Bayhealth Emergency Room would agree with me that the staff at the ER work to wrap the patients and the people with them in a blanket of caring, both literally and figuratively. However, they can do nothing to ease the discomfort of the waiting room furniture.

Those coming to the ER may be frightened, in pain, crying, tired, scared, anxious, worried and in discomfort for myriad reasons. However, one of those reasons for discomfort should not be the waiting room furniture.

None of the chairs are comfortable. There are no cushioned armchairs — no place to lay one’s head, stretch out an injured leg, cradle an injured arm. There are no rocking chairs to soothe a crying child to sleep. Patients squirm to get comfortable and never succeed. And, as is too often the case, we all know that that discomfort may extend for hours.

There are comfortable chairs in other spaces of the hospital. I’m baffled that this relatively new waiting room has been so brutishly furnished when the comfort of the people who enter should have been the administration’s top priority. Mr. Murphy, see to it that this uncomfortable, unacceptable waiting room is transformed into a haven for those who enter, not a trial to be endured.

Linda Andres

EDITOR’S NOTE: According to Michael Metzing, vice president, Bayhealth Corporate Support Services, “Our teams work very hard to select furniture that can be easily cleaned to help prevent the spread of germs and infections as well as furniture that is sturdy and long lasting. We always appreciate input from our community, and will certainly consider this feedback.

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