Letter to the Editor: ERA legislation ‘waste of time, effort’

I guess I’ve heard it since I was old enough to play sports. I saw it again at the professional level recently in Chicago. Why is it that the goat of the game is the guy who misses the opportunity on the last play of the game? Why is the American standard “Don’t make the last out”? As a coach, I’ve reminded teams from Little League all the way to the professional level that it’s the guy who makes the first “out” is just as responsible for the outcome.

That little parable brings to me to our vaunted President Pro Tempore of the legislature, David McBride. The senator, who represents New Castle while living in Sussex, made headlines proclaiming that the days of “all-nighters” in the legislature were over and under his watch, they’d never happen again. Well, just perhaps, if the senator spent more time during his first day in session concerned about productive and meaningful issues there might never be a need for an all-nighter.

Garnering full front page of the State News, McBride heralded passage of a “landmark ERA” for Delaware. Accompanied by throngs of worshiping admirers that included the ubiquitous mother and small child as a backdrop, we’re told what a grand moment this was; spoiled only by those callous and heartless Republicans who had the gall to fight against it.

As I read further, though it was an amendment to the state Constitution, I see it won’t really be added to the Constitution but provided for legal scholars who must pass a judgment possibly affected by it. We now have an amendment to the state Constitution that doesn’t appear with the state Constitution. Could I get a raise of hands of those of you who can make sense of that?

The last thing in this world that I might be is a misogynist, but I feel compelled to ask these women who are so happy with the passage one simple question. Exactly what rights were you deprived of that weren’t already in our Constitution and written out explicitly that this waste of time and effort now assures you?

Some years back, the late Charles West, a state representative from Gumboro, was asked to sign on as a sponsor to a bill making identity theft a crime. When he refused, he was asked why he’d oppose such an important bill. In his beloved logic he said, “That is already a crime. It’s called fraud. Why should I clutter up the code with something that’s already in there?”

I’m not bitter that the Democrats have a smothering majority in our legislature. I’m simply sickened by the people sitting there who live among us and who supposedly are there to represent us are instead, puppets to special interest groups and who cater to them as if there weren’t the minuscule minority of the population they’ve sworn to represent.

I just pray for the day when voters recognize the sham we have instigated upon ourselves by putting these charlatans into those positions. Then we can put them back into the real world we have to live in.

George Roof

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