Letter to the Editor: Eugenia Thornton for Recorder of Deeds

I was shocked to read Recorder of Deeds Betty Lou McKenna’s reply to a question from the League of Women Voters: “I would definitely NOT make any serious changes [to the Office of Recorder of Deeds if elected]….there are no major changes needed in the Deeds office,” she stated. [https://www.vote411.org/ballot]

We live in high-tech-fast-changing (and risky) times. Thus well-run/successful organizations must constantly evaluate and make changes, both large and small. And they must innovate creatively in both products and services.

And regarding recent comments about “home fraud or no fraud,” I had a scary experience some years ago when I was living in Connecticut. I was helping an “almost homeless” single mom look for a rental that she could afford, and that would also be in a safe location. We were thrilled when we saw one advertised; and because fortunately we lived not far away from that rental, we drove by to see it. What a surprise to arrive and see a “For Sale” sign posted in the yard!

And about this same time, the person who had advertised the rental (someone in Africa as I recall), asked my friend to send money to a designated place. We then realized this was a fraudulent rental. So whether it’s a different state or a somewhat different type of “home fraud”, this IS happening.

Recorder of Deeds candidate Eugenia Thornton has the skills, training/education, experience and energy to lead the Recorder of Deeds office to a higher level of efficient and effective service for the benefit of Delaware homeowners. I hope you will join me in voting (at the bottom of the ballot) for Eugenia Thornton for Kent County Recorder of Deeds.

Karen Smiga

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