Letter to the Editor: Everyone does pay for public education

It’s Mrs. Draine’s right (“Everyone should pay,” Letter to the Editor, March 10) to question Indian River School District’s increase tax appeal but I disagree with her reasons.

Public education in the U.S. is free to all. The idea being that if everyone is educated it makes for a better, more productive society. It is considered a public good, much like roads and police protection and is therefore paid for by the use of taxes. In the case of schools it is property taxes. People who rent housing or other property pay that property tax through their rent payment so they aren’t getting a free ride.

Prices for medicine, food, utility bills, etc., are going up for everyone including renters. If renters are required to pay extra for their children’s public education they would be paying double for their kids.

From her letter I’m assuming she had kids who went to public school. If so, how was their education paid for? Only through her family’s tax contributions? All property taxes paid for her children’s education, not just hers. But now she feels she shouldn’t have to pay as much for others.

How would she have felt when her kids were matriculating through school if they told her she had to pay for part of her kids education? Probably wouldn’t like it too much. My wife and I are retired too but we have no problem with paying property taxes for schools.

We don’t live in the IRSD and don’t know how they spend their money but as someone said, It’s cheaper to educate someone that to incarcerate them. We all benefit from free public education, therefore we should all pay for it.

Steve Caporiccio

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