Letter to the Editor: Everyone should pay

As a senior citizen homeowner on retirement income, I am opposed to Indian River School District’s attempts to continually put the burden of their inability to manage or find other sources of revenue on homeowners.

Yes we all want the children to get a great education, but parents of these kids who are not homeowners should be required to pay something for their children’s education. That would take some of the burden off the homeowners who are seniors.

Most of us are already struggling with increases in groceries, medicines, utility bills, doctor bills and everyday living expenses.

And for those who support a tax increase for IRSD and own some of the more expensive homes or still have good paying jobs, or big bank accounts, yes you can afford to pay extra.

But those of us struggling to get by, we don’t have extra money sitting around. As seniors who already paid taxes for our kids and grandkids, we should be exempt from any increases. We have paid our dues and do not need this added expense.

I do get it that IRSD wants to take advantage of the tax base from all the developments being built in Sussex County, but the majority of those new homes are not loaded with kids.

Again, ask everyone to pay, not just homeowners.

Carol Draine

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