Letter to the Editor: Explain yourself

Kudos and thanks to Joe Schell of Dover for his Oct. 25 open letter challenge to Sen. Coons. (“Challenging Coons on the presumption of guilt,” Letter to the editor)

I sent an email to the senator on the same subject, namely, his comments stating Judge Kavanaugh was guilty till he proved himself innocent. I got no response. (No surprise)

By now Sen. Coons has seen Joe Schell’s letter and I have to wonder if he will, at last, comment on this subject. Is Sen. Coons aware of our Constitution? With the exception of my latest email (no response) each time I’ve written Sen. Coons I’ve gotten a response weeks later with an obvious form letter having nothing to do with the subject I’ve written about.

Sen. Coons, explain yourself!

William B. King

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