LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Failing history class

I fear that recent contributor Rebecca Scarborough (“Defending our American democracy,” Letter to the Editor, July 24) has failed one too many high school history classes. She begins her letter with 15 rapid-fire insults, none of which are proven or civil.

The beginning two paragraphs are laced with these panic-driven insults. Then came the plea for action by those “who truly believe (what) America is all about — a broad and inclusive democracy, a nation that respects the rights of all, a country that rallies against corrupt and tyrannical governments and allies itself with nations around the world that respect and honor traditional American values.

America has never been a broad and inclusive democracy. It is broad only by the distance between the East and West Coast. America has never been nor ever intended to be a democracy.

The founding fathers took explicit care to ensure a government of majority rules would not exist. The concept of or even the word, democracy, does not appear in this great country’s founding documents. We are by express efforts a constitutional republic. There is a chasm difference between these two and it was probably explained to you in history class.

As to inclusion and respecting rights of all, one may merely look at our founding itself. Borders were quickly drawn and citizenship requirements established. Everyone in the world was not necessarily invited to join. When she claims that we ally ourselves with countries that respect and honor traditional American values, I assume she means countries like Afghanistan, China, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Russia, and many other “respectful” countries who are fellow members of the United Nations.

Turning to her claim of America’s “time-honored qualities of compassion, empathy, morality, honesty, prudence, civility, fairness…” one sees again the amazing lack of knowledge of American history. Disregarding the actual events of the Revolution, the callous and wanton killings of our enemies from Washington’s time throughout today, the treatment of the slaves, American Indians, women, the political tricks, uncivil and vile treatment of political opponents and citizenry, which also includes leaders who were drunkards, liars, adulterers, sex offenders, and possibly murderers, one could never call us compassionate, moral, or honest.

We are a country founded by humans with all their good qualities and bad qualities.

To her plea to “Bring Back Our American Democracy,” one can only shake their head, sigh and bemoan the loss of history class. Fifteen ridiculous insults is not civility.

Daniel Forsee

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