Letter to the Editor: ‘Farcical interpretation’

Mr. Swierczek (“A closer look at the Second Amendment” Letter to the Editor, May 22) is reading from the tomb of the gun control lobby. It’s the same farcical interpretation we’ve heard thousands of times.

When the Founding Fathers wrote this, the arms they entrusted to the citizenry were the exact same arms that had freed America from the rule of King George. They were squirrel guns that were “weapons of war”.

Surprisingly he avoids using gun grabbers’ favorite term: assault rifle. He did imply it, however, with his euphemism “war fighting weapons. Just like the old “gas guzzling SUV”, no real definition is ascribed.

In case the writer has ignored history, wars have been fought with rocks, arrows, spears and swords. Given the choice of death or domination, a valiant Polish army rode horseback with rifles against German armor.

The most feared “assault” weapon in WWI was a “trench gun” (an everyday pump shotgun). It would be so satisfying if gun control proponents limited their comments to something they were familiar with.

It’s pretty obvious that guns and the interpretation of the Constitution don’t fall in that category.

George Roof


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