LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fiddling with the truth

Mr. Roof’s July 17 article titled, “Wishfully thinking of a “meaningful” political discussion,” was a repudiation of Mr. Bethel’s article titled “Wrong! Most Americans didn’t forget” in reference to how Congress intentionally obstructed former President Obama’s agenda.

Mr. Bethel drew the ire of Mr. Roof by calling President Trump an incompetent wannabe dictator. Mr. Roof countered by contending that we had endured the last eight years under Obama dictatorial rule. He pointed out several issues that allegedly proved former President Obama was a dictator. All of his issues lacked validity.

Fiddling with the truth, Mr. Roof, makes it very difficult to have that “meaningful” political discussion you requested.

Following is a list of a few of your numerous grievance issues put into their proper perspective. Are you still investigating Obama’s birth certificate and school transcripts? What are you reading, listening too, or watching at home? It appears to be old school garbage you are continuing to buy into.

Issue No. 1: Mr. Wagoner, a General Motors CEO since 2000, honored the request of the Obama administration by agreeing to step down after declaring bankruptcy during the 2008 financial global collapse. He had asked for the most in federal aid, 26 billion dollars. He was also tied more directly to the ill-fated decisions causing the collapse of much of the American auto industry.

While presidential candidate Romney balked at an auto bailout, Obama took a risk and stepped up to the plate hitting a home run now that GM and others have become very profitable. Obama, far from being a dictator in your view, was a savior.

Issue No. 2: It is true Mr. Roof that Solyndra, a Silicon Valley solar panel company, went bankrupt in 1912 to the tune of $535 million after securing a loan from the Department of Energy loan program.

However, Solyndra later filed an antitrust suit against China’s three biggest solar panel manufacturers for flooding the market with cheap solar energy products. Solyndra may have simply been outcompeted at that point in time.

These ongoing renewable energy projects funded by this government loan program are now in the black. Yes, they are now profitable and employing thousands of workers. They have continued to cause consternation among the oil and gas titans and politicians relying on their campaign contributions, fearing profits will suffer in the future.

Issue No. 3: Obama never said that the police were stupid as Mr. Roof alleged. Obama remarked that the police acted “stupidly” after Mr. Louis Gates, distinguished Harvard law professor, was arrested by the police for allegedly breaking into his own home. Mr. Roof again distorted the truth. What TV station teaches that kind of false propaganda?

Issue No. 4: Mr. Roof still insists Obama wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on “exotic” vacations to Hawaii, his birthplace, and Africa. Never mind that Bush Jr. took seven vacations to Africa and Trump Sr. is on track to spend as much on his vacations in his first year in office as Obama did during his entire eight years in office.

Mr. Roof, continues to “fiddle with the truth.”

It would be fruitless to continue rebutting Mr. Roof’s false allegations. Let’s just hope he does valid homework next time before he engages in buffoonery again.

And good luck dear Republicans with your revised Obamacare repeal and replace healthcare bill. It is looking more and more like the revised Republican health care bill will be called “Trumpeting Obamacare.”

Bill Clemens

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