LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Finally good news for DelDOT

I asked for speed bumps in Woods Haven (in Milford). We got them. There have been hundreds of loads of dirt passing through our development — no excessive noise — no dirt dumped and no complaints by the residents. It appears that the overpass will be completed by early 2019, nearly six months ahead of the contract limit.

Finally having the government, notably the Department of Transportation, come together with an overpass across Route 1 from Woods Haven and other east communities into Milford took about 10 years of effort by a lot of people. Even though crash data provided under the Freedom of Information Act by DelDOT conclusively showed that doing this overpass would double the number of injuries that would be saved by Bowers or Thompsonville overpasses.

So to the good news: Diamond Materials was chosen as the contractor for this overpass.

They wanted to do this job quickly. Century Engineering is the managing engineering firm. George Pierce is the DelDOT engineer for the project. All of these entities have answered my calls and emails on behalf of Woods Haven, Birchwood, and the residents of New Wharf Road.

Milford paid for an inlaid town name on the overpass to announce the community’s presence. Lots on Silicato Way that sat unsold are now under contract. I regret it took such an effort to get this going but I am also proud and delighted that we are going to save lives and improve business. And, we need in the future to look at companies like Diamond Materials and factor efficient past performance into contract awards.

Emmett Venett

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