Letter to the Editor: Fiscal and social responsibility

Benjamin Franklin, wrote: “The Remissness of our People in Paying Taxes is highly blameable; the Unwillingness to pay them is still more so. (…) He can have no right to the benefits of Society, who will not pay his Club towards the Support of it.”

The frothing outrage in the last (Greater Dover Extra Speak Out) edition, sometimes going so far as to imply that non-land-owning people don’t count in democracies on the fallacious notion that they do not pay these taxes (which we do because you pass it on to us along with twice the value of your mortgage), would probably gain more sympathy if they weren’t complaining about what amounts to $3-6 more a month. Its even less if you utilize the homesteader’s exception on your personally owned property!

You people are complaining and acting all elitist as if you are victimized by having a publicly owned society. And again: I pay this tax too! And much more of my economic surplus goes into your mortgage so that you get to use my labor to generate your wealth. Want to talk about blood sucking? Maybe we should start on the fact that home ownership in Dover is only about 50%, the rest of us are living in tiny packaged fiefdoms living paycheck to paycheck.

You people are squawking over a 0.0232% point increase. If that makes life unbearable, maybe you need to stop buying daily coffees, fast food splurges, 10 mpg vehicles, and the Triple Package with 500 channels you don’t watch.

Express a bit of fiscal AND social responsibility.

Tyler Tallman

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