LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Flier demeans Davies

I attended a meeting for Kathleen Davies in Newark this week. She discussed the role of auditor with such enthusiasm that it actually sounded interesting. She discussed aspects of auditing that I had never heard. I learned a lot but more important, I learned how she would do her job as auditor.

Today I received a flier from one of her opponents. The flier made four points regarding how this candidate would “improve” the office. The first three points (modernize the office, maintain a well trained staff, review other states’ best practices) could have been written about Any Office In The State, even, for that matter, the top job in most businesses.

The final point was not only not in the purview of the Auditor’s Office but seemed pointed to demean Davies. How disappointing.

I hope everyone who received this flier saw it as I did.

Knowledge for the job counts for something, especially for the position of auditor. Fortunately we have a great choice on Sept. 6 — Kathleen Davies.

Connie Merlet

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