LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Follow the lead of companies with a conscience

I see that several enormous business entities have canceled their plans to use Trump’s Mar a Lago property for their events. These include American icons such as The Cleveland Clinic, the American Cancer Society, and the American Red Cross. Why? Because they now realize that Trump’s values differ deeply with these business’ principles of diversity, inclusion, and compassion. Good for them!

I call on every American to follow their lead. The fact is that this president, who campaigned as a supporter of the common man — the working man — is not, and never has been, their champion.

He fed them many, many lies — enough to get elected. They soon forgot, or did not know, that Donald Trump built his wealth “on the backs of labor.” He amassed a fortune by refusing to pay, for no good reason, many contractors who had provided goods or services for him. In business, he was merely a greedy tyrant, shrewd enough to do a good deed now and then, like the ice skating rink in Central Park, so he could thump his chest and say “Look what I did!” But operating largely in the shadows, he was a weasel … a dishonest, greedy cad … as he still is.

Why do you think he is so vehemently refusing to disclose his tax returns?! We know about some of his bankruptcies — merely a legal mechanism to avoid paying those who worked for him. What else remains hidden?

So let us reward him appropriately. Every American should encourage every individual, business, major corporation, and even entire countries, to boycott all businesses carrying the Trump brand or affiliated with Trump. Write letters like this one. See how here: http://www.citizensforcriminaljustice.net/9760-2/

Do it, America! Our conscience and sense of decency as a nation demand no less.

Ken Abraham

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