LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Following God’s way leads to better society

This is in response to the Rev. Cameron Swain’s “A Letter to God” which appeared in the May 18 edition of the Delaware State News. Sir, you are right on target. We reap what we sow. We threw God out of our lives and then we wonder why He does not assist us. It does not take an Einstein to figure that out.

I applaud you for speaking out. It is time for the silent majority, as the late President Nixon called us, to make our voices heard. The minority is too often the one that is vocal.

I, for one, am also tired of this so-called political correctness. We fear having to offend anyone. In so doing we are bound to offend someone. It is that simple. As an example: around the holidays, I’d like to see a manger on display, as well as a menorrah, and the Kwanzaa symbol.

Let’s use these to help us to celebrate the festivities together.

There is more that unites us than divides us. Why don’t we focus upon what we have in common? After all, in this case, we need to realize that there is but one Supreme Being, whether we call Him God, Yahvah, Jehovah, Allah, etc.

If we go back in history, the idea of separation of church and state, as noted by our founding fathers, simply meant that the state would not establish a national religion. Many came to this country due to the fact that in some countries, if you did not belong to the established state religion you were persecuted. It did not mean that you could not speak about religion, mention God’s name or be proud of your faith and display its symbols.

The Ten Commandments apply to everyone, and if followed, will lead to better individuals as well as to a better nation. Let’s place them in prominent places as a reminder.

We want to see an end to all those shootings. No one can dispute that. As with any problem, we need to find a solution by seeking its causes. We took God out of our lives, as I indicated above, we are reaping what we are sowing.

Could the lack of moral values be the main cause? By the way, I am thrilled to see so many young people rise up and demand some solutions to enable us to stop this carnage. Bravo for them. They are our future and in that respect, the future looks bright.

Food for thought?

Dr. Arthur R. Gilbert

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