LETTER TO THE EDITOR: For Trump presidency, it’s time for jail to the chief

It will take some time, but Donald Trump’s presidency will end in disgrace. Trump, combining the characteristics of Mussolini and a mafioso don has been a disgrace to America. His presidency has been on of unrivaled mendacity and egotism.

No president in my memory has so complained about his predecessors, attacked our intelligence and justice departments, decried our free press, enriched himself at the expense of the nation, upset our traditional alliances, toadied to foreign dictators, attempted to destroy health care for the working poor, acted to sully our environment, disrupted free trade, attacked minorities while broadcasting white supremist tropes and purposely divided and polarized our citizen — all while behaving like an inarticulate, childish bully.

Trump’s only legislative victory (aside from packing the courts with conservative judges) is a tax cut which favored the richest Americans. Despite his obvious denial that the changes would benefit him personally, a last-second change to the bill reduced the percentage taxes on the wealthiest lower than anything that had been previously proposed. \

The economic expansion during Trump’s term in office is an extension of that begun under Barrack Obama when he bailed out the financial and auto industries and launched a job-creating stimulus program. Obama’s prompt actions saved the U.S. and the world from a worldwide depression. Though job growth has continued (though not as rapidly as under Obama) and the stock market has soared, wage growth for workers is not keeping up with inflation. The negative impacts of Trump’s trade wars are looming.

Thanks to federal law enforcement, Trump is now an unindicted co-conspirator to felonies to which his long-term attorney and “fixer” Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty. The Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign has indicted numerous Russian agents and convicted his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Greater jeopardy to Trump portends with the co-operation (“flipping”) of his numerous members of his campaign and related allies including his “flipper” Cohen and his ally-in-coverups, publisher David Pecker.

A bully can be successful only so long as his victims don’t fight back. The recent coordinated strong editorial by the media (who Trump has slimed as “fade news” and “enemies of the people”) and the former intelligence chiefs (to Trump’s threatening of security clearances) signal that acceptance of Trump’s attempts to cow by lies and slander are at an end. Even his frequently maligned Secretary of Justice Jeff Sessions is hitting back in response to attacks on him and Trump’s so-called “witch hunt” that is the Mueller investigation into Russian election interference.

In the weeks ahead, it will be disclosed that Trump was aware of Russian attempts to promote his presidential candidacy and that he knew about and personally approved the infamous meeting with a Russian agent in Trump Tower. Trump encouraged Russian hacking of Democratic National Committee files and the computer of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. Release of this stolen information was timed to coincide with and overshadow stories detrimental to Trump (including his recorded bragging about grabbing women’s privates). Trump promised to give a speech about supposedly undisclosed Clinton sins only two days before the meeting. (This speech was subsequently never given.)

Trump allowed his purported national security adviser Michael Flynn to let the Russians know that he would weaken sanctions arising from their invasion of Crimea and military disruption in eastern Crimea. In fact, at the Republican National Convention, campaign manager Manafort watered down a statement in the GOP platform to provide military assistance to the Ukraine!

Trump obstructed justice when he fired FBI director James Comey over his direction of “this Russian thing”. The following day he was filmed by a Russian photographer celebrating Comey’s dismissal with the Russian ambassador in the White House! Trump has continued his attempts at obstruction by a constant barrage against Special Counsel Robert Mueller, his investigation, the FBI and its leaders and the entire Department of Justice.

Expect the final report to identify a conspiracy with the Russians to capture the presidency and coverup Trump’s financial indebtedness and support from them over the past decade. Truth will win out, and, despite Trump’s political attorney Rudy Giuliani claim that “the truth is not the truth.”

Let the Mueller investigation, the slander suits, the emolument violation cases, legal action against the Trump Foundation proceed. Money laundering, bank fraud and tax evasion claims should join in. Our fraudulently elected president should see the inside of prison, whether after his impeachment from office or his term of office expires. Lock him up; lock him up!

Mike Apgar

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