LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Forgotten Republicans?

The article in today’s Delaware State News, “Trump warnings grow from forgotten Republicans,” (Aug. 20) by Associated Press reporter Steve Peoples, is to me somewhat uninformed and misleading.

Certain officials who Peoples seems to classify as “forgotten Republicans” are actually congressmen or officials who some refer to as “RINOS” (Republican in Name Only, i.e., politicians who call themselves Republican but vote or perform largely against major Republican legislation or principles.) When it comes to Congress, this may help explain why the “so-called GOP majority” did not immediately begin enacting legislation of the type their voters elected them to enact.

For “forgotten Republicans” who are elected officials, one can “fact check” whether they are actually “Republican in Name Only” by checking their voting record on a site such as conservativereview.com. So, for example, two of those who reporter Peoples classifies as “forgotten Republicans” (Arizona Senator Jeff Flake and Tennessee Senator Bob Corker) have D and F scores respectively for their voting records on conservativereview.com.

Some related history here: In 2014 selected conservative Republicans were defeated by “so-called Republicans” (RINOS) who, once elected, have voted mostly with the Democrats. Examples are defeated Republican conservatives Rob Maness- Louisiana, Greg Brannon- North Carolina, Milton Fox- Kansas, and Matt Bevin- Kentucky. Those who won instead (Bill Cassidy, Thom Tillis, Pat Roberts, and Mitch McConnell respectively) all have F scores on conservativereview.com.

Thus, it seems that reporter Peoples is misleading to give the impression that certain high level “Republicans” are “forgotten.” He states that: “Gallup found that 82 percent of Republicans approved of the president’s job performance earlier this month.”

To me, these 82 percent are instead the Republicans who have been “forgotten” or betrayed for many years by “so-called Republicans” who, after being elected, began voting (or performing, if not in Congress) in ways that betrayed them.

And when reporter Peoples says his “forgotten Republicans” are “struggling to fit into President Donald Trump’s Republican Party” maybe it is NOT “President Trump’s Republican Party” at all, but is instead the party that those 82 percent of Republicans feel is the true Republican Party, some of whose elected officials forgot them and betrayed them and they want their party back.

I wonder, too, if some Democrats are in a similar situation these days, i.e. the party they joined long ago has been taken over by far liberals who no longer represent them and they, too, want their party back?

Karen Smiga

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