Letter to the Editor: Free rides for low-income citizens

Who determines whom is low income? Would it be the carpenters, electricians, etc., who don’t claim everything or maybe a couple who got a divorce and still live together just so they get state benefits?

Everyone deserves a chance to further their education but a lot more thought should be put into it.

People from my generation will end up paying for an education twice. (Once when we went to college and now to pay for low income). If you take two children from two different ways of life, (one low income, one middle class), they go to college for four years, one gets a free ride, the other get a $30,000 loan.

They both graduate and get a job paying $100,000 a year, now they are equal but one of them has a $30,000 loan to pay back, and our politicians think this is fair? When will it end? A senior living in a $200,000 home with no children pays the same price as four families living in the same house with four or five children or these homemade apartments that don’t pay at all, but we keep building new schools.

We keep finding ways to put more money in prisons, they get three meals a day, heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer, health insurance, dental, and God knows what else.

How about the women who were raped and have to live with it the rest of their lives, or maybe the families that had their husband or father murdered? Before they were murdered, their family went on vacations, ate out once in a while, had heat in the winter, and air in the summer, now he is gone, and they can’t afford those things. When are our politicians going to wake up? I sure hope it’s in my lifetime.

Jerry Devine

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