Letter to the Editor: Front-page story on dog deaths was irresponsible

Front-page story on dog deaths damaging

I read the State News every day; over the years it has had highs and lows in the quality of its reporting. I am sad to say that the reporting has reached a new low.

It’s bad enough that the State News would print something that could possibly ruin the Brandywine Valley SPCA’s “Mega Adoption Event”. But was it necessary to place it on the front page? I find it hard to believe that there wasn’t something (anything) else to fill that space.

Anyone, with the least bit of empathy, feels for anyone who lost their forever pets. It was unfortunate for all of those involved, especially the puppies themselves. Unfortunately these things do happen and we have to move on.

I find it difficult to believe that the “powers that be” did not consider the possible damage this article and its poor placement could cause. Six puppies died, maybe more, but what about the thousand-plus animals who brightened the lives and holidays of their adoptive families?

Everyone is saddened that Ms. Truitt lost her pet(s); however, that is no reason to bad mouth the Mega event. Because of Brandywine Valley SPCA’s adoption program thousands of unwanted and lost animals have found good homes. Because of the selfish comments one person made in their grief and the State News’ front-page article, the State News may have destroyed something beautiful. Would you rather these animals be euthanized in lieu of adoption?

This world is not a perfect. Sometimes we are forced to take the good with the bad, the “good” being the care and love these animals will receive in their new forever homes and the joy the animals will provide to the adoptive families. The “bad” is the loss of a few and the pain and bitterness it causes; for that, I am sorry.

In my lifetime, I have adopted or given a home to more animals than I can remember. Yes, after a long life for most, they died, just like every living being. You can believe I did everything in my power to make whatever life they had a great one.

I currently have a cat rescued from Hurricane Sandy by a friend. At the time this cat was offered to me I wasn’t looking for a pet, but my cat was looking for a home. He has brightened my life more than I could have imagined, and, yes, someday he will die and I will grieve. However, that won’t stop me from rescuing another animal in need.

Open your hearts. You only get back what you give. In my opinion, the Delaware State News’ responsible personnel should be ashamed. Especially at Christmas, you should have a heart.

James Cain


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