LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Get moving on the highway

The speed limit on the Milford/Harrington Highway, between the first church east of Harrington on Milford/Harrington Highway and the first red light on it in Milford, is 50 mph NOT 40 mph!

There is an increased number of people who do not read speed limit signs and are going 40 to 45 mph on the Milford/Harrington Highway, causing people behind them to be late and causing road rage in many who are trying to pass!

This has caused an increase in accidents.

Due to increased traffic, it is almost impossible to pass on this highway, so if you do not want to go the 50 mph speed limit, or you have not noticed the speed limit increased past the church in Harrington to 50 mph, move over to the shoulder, and let people who can read speed limits and have a life and places to be go by. Thanks!

Don Smith

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