LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Get the government back into hands of people

The Electoral College was designed to be America’s firewall against domestic and/or outside undue influence over our federal presidential elections.

Most Americans do not understand the particulars of the Electoral College, nor do most people of the world. The concepts were and are so important that both the Republican and Democratic parties, after the Gore-Bush presidential election, requested the United States Supreme Court not eliminate the process.

Somehow the Electoral College overrides the popular vote and is far more difficult to tamper with during the federal presidential election. If there was tampering with the 2016 presidential election, America needs far more details. An independent investigation should not be secret.

Media outlets seem more concerned with entertainment and political posturing than cutting to the heart of the facts when presenting the news to the public. Everyone latches onto a concept and picks that particular item to a thousand pieces without moving onto the “big picture.”

In most sporting events today photographic information overrides human calls, and so perhaps that approach needs to be applied in federal presidential elections. Electoral College rules over the popular vote at least up and until the 2016 presidential election. If that needs changing then let us move ahead and make changes before the 2020 federal presidential elections.

America cannot continue on in a gridlocked, two-party governmental system. Let the people of America have their government back in full functioning form.

Donald F. McHugh


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