Letter to the Editor: Getting a ‘fair return’ in Dover

Magnolia resident James Frazier’s skewed views (“Wesley College caught up in ‘legislative mathematics,’” July 19, 2019) and poor math regarding the old city library being turned over to Wesley college for $1 plus a contribution of $1.05 million from the state legislature’s local Community Transportation allotment, deserves another perspective.

Keep in mind that 30% of the properties within the city borders are not taxable because of their IRS not-for-profit status.

Also keep in mind the city taxpayers paid for the old library and deserve a fair return on the land and building. While we could have sold the library to Wesley for a $1 without the promised funds, we could also have sold it to businesses such as a liquor store, massage and tattoo or combination establishment at that key crossroads location.

It was the City Council’s wisdom that Wesley was a very desirable component in that location while benefiting our taxpayers with funds for road repairs and maintenance that had slowed during the recessional period.

I believe both Sen. Bonini and Rep. Lynn, who provided the money from their allocation, saw what the City Council recognized as a good move for Dover, a city they represent.

Wesley is seeking to right their financial ship. They could not have a better leader than Wesley President Bob Clark, who knows how to sail ships in difficult seas. He has become very much a part of the Dover community.

Fred Neil
3rd District, Dover City Council

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