Letter to the Editor: Give them all glory

I have interviewed more than fifty WWII veterans, and helped them each write their story. When asked to pick my favorite story, it led to the following poem, in which each line relates to a specific veteran I have interviewed:

From those whom I’ve met
You ask for the best story
I can’t say just yet
I give them all glory.

There were soldiers and sailors by the dozen,
Starting with Bobby, who was my cousin.
Sailors were Culver, Siple, Palermo.
POWs were Hallman, Olsen and Farrow.

High and low level, daylight or dark,
Pilots like Blythe, Firmani and Clark.
With gunners like Hailstone, Chronister, Chance.
Were flying from England, Italy. France.
When the Marines took Iwo, Tinian and Saipan,
Austin,and Stratton stood man to man.
Soldiers like Robertson, Scott and Kennedy,
Places like Ardennes, Anzio, Normandy.

Clancy, Murphy, Cain and O’Leary
Fought beside,Saggione,Palermo, Firmani.
Schlaupitz, Schofield, Wertz and Meyer,
And Greeks like Chaconas came under fire.

Robinson, Roy, Livezos and Pierson,
Wounded in action, like Scott and Olsen.
And Schlaupitz earned the Silver Star,
When he fought to take Corregidor.

War brides Elinor and Mabelle
Had their stories to live and tell.
While Barbara the nurse
May have seen the worst.

Marion OLeary was a wee little Brit,
While Ardis kept the homefire lit.
Wogy flew fighters, Roi drove a truck.
Pierson dug foxholes, and cursed his luck.

From those whom I’ve met
You ask for the best story,
I can’t say just yet
I give them all glory

John T. Reardon

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