Letter to the Editor: God is still watching America

Yes, God is still very much alive as well as being omnipresent, being everywhere at once. He is omniscient, all knowing and having infinite knowledge and He is also omnipotent or being all powerful and Supreme. God also has the power to wipe everybody and everything off of this planet with only one breath, but he doesn’t want to. Why not? Because God is love!

He doesn’t have love, He is love and he proved it when he sent his only son, Jesus Christ to this earth to die for our sins. Sin has been a stigma to mankind since Adam and Eve. Instead of doing things God’s way, they did it the human way and it is no different now then it was then with the exception of Jesus great sacrifice for our sins by his divine Blood.

Yes, all mankind still has free will from God as he doesn’t make or force anyone to live His way of peace, love, joy, faith, patience, kindness, gentleness, meekness and self-control. Jesus, God’s Son

even made it possible for us by dying for our sins and then sending His Holy Spirit to the Earth so that the whole world, including America, could know Him and live in peace with their neighbors.

Then, if we decided to choose God, he through his Son Jesus Christ made a way to go to Heaven after death so we could fellowship with them, now as well as in the next world of eternity where there is no end of His love forever!

Of course, it is always our decision to either choose the God that created us or the god of this world, the devil. You must remember, that he also has the power to speak to your mind and make you doubt the truth of God, remembering that he talked Eve into eating fruit God had clearly told them not to eat.

How did he persuade Eve? He did it by human reasoning, when he told her, “did God really say you will die by eating this fruit”? causing her to doubt God’s words. Then he undoubtedly went on to tell her how ripe and beautiful it looked causing her senses to grow stronger and Eve was hooked into sin and then gave the fruit to Adam and he was hooked.

Satan is clever and a liar and he knows how to deceive people and make people doubt God who loves them and wants good for us all. However, God’s loves us and gives us free choice.

Remember, He is still our creator, whether you’ll believe it or not and we will all die. Then after death, there is a time called Judgment Day. This is where God and Jesus Christ, His son, have a perfect right to judge you on how you lived your life that He gave you.

Did you live your life for Him as the Bible told you or did you live your life for yourself? Your answer depends on how you are living right now. Your life is precious but so is the redemption of your soul that He gives you for peace with God and yourself. Think seriously about it and let Him know. Thank you.

James K. Taylor

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