Letter to the Editor: God’s little area?

Do you realize how lucky you are to live in Dover or anywhere else in the Kent County area?

Look around the rest of the country and recall what they have witnessed. Mud slides, wildfires, severe drought, floods, severe storms, tornadoes, severe hurricanes, sinkholes, earthquakes, extreme cold, etc. This area may not be the most beautiful found, but it sure seems to be a place where you can build a house and have a reasonable idea that it will be stay there. New Castle County has flooding, and you know what has been happening in Sussex County. We, however, seem to miss all these bad things.

Are we being blessed? Erskine Caldwell wrote a classic book in 1933 called “God’s little acre.” Do we live in “God’s little area”? The bubble may burst tomorrow, but so far we have been very fortunate.

Edward Biter, Jr.


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