LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Greasing the wheel to maximize gun profits

A wonderful recent visit to Idaho and Wyoming illustrated multiple campaign billboards by aspiring want-to-be governors advocating protecting our Second Amendment rights. I don’t know if they believed in placing any restrictions on gun laws outside of sport tournaments, hunting and protecting from home invasions.

The gentleman I played eight ball with owned multiple guns and rifles as well as a bow and arrow. He was ambidextrous and later claimed he was playing with his weaker hand. Maybe, but his break shot and stroke were very fluid. Was he being truthful? And are unregulated gun sale promoters primarily motivated by “greasing the wheel” and making as much profit as they possibly can? Are they being truthful? Observe what happened to Facebook when their “greased by money” motives went unregulated. Corruption!

Who can we trust? The Second Amendment debate is primarily focused around a mistrust that legislators will vote to repeal the Second Amendment due to the mass murders in this country and the divisive opinions of the “heavy marketing” of semi-automatic weapons, existing side by side with the most favored AR-15. They continue to sell like hotcakes! Eight million Americans-plus now own one or more of these assault weapons.

In Mr. Roof’s critique in his April 13 article to the DSN titled, “Rebutting the fallacy of assault weapons,” he mentioned that recent surveys showed that 30 percent of U.S. Democratic congressmen would vote to repeal the Second Amendment. But isn’t that par for the course since 70% would not? Perhaps just another irrational fear!

Mr. Roof was unfairly disrespectful to the younger generation of millennials and teenagers who are in favor of common sense gun control legislation. He berated their judgment by pointing out that they are losing 10 lives a day in this country texting while driving. It is an unfair comparison to conflate their poor driving behavior with their views on gun control legislation. Don’t older Americans get killed texting while driving too?

Adding insult to injury, he accused the younger generation of reveling in their addiction to Tide Pods. The truth is that a fictitious person coined as the “Meme Lord” (meaning “same” in French) is alleged to be promoting this “Tide Pod” fad.

What about the” heavy marketing” the past few decades or more of one kind of assault weapon after another, and the lobbying of our politicians in Congress to help promote assault weapon sales? Isn’t this also an addictive fad like Tide Pods?

Sport shooting, hunting and protection for the home validate our Second Amendment in its proper context. A well-armed regulated state and federal militia suffice to protect all of us.

In his April 21 article to the DSN titled “The Second Amendment in the correct historical context,” Mr. Hague mentioned that he could not figure out what Mr. Miller meant in his April 5 article to the DSN titled, “The Second Amendment in historical context,” when Mr. Miller proposed that we have been in a downward spiral “greased by money” the last couple of hundred years. If you dare to follow the money Mr. Hague, Mr. Miller meant that profits have continually been filtering down from the industrial-military complex to the lobbyists that promote their products to the legislators that pass them to retain their campaign contributions to win reelections.

“Greasing the wheel” also keeps profits rolling off the gun assembly line.

Bill Clemens

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