Letter to the Editor: Green New Deal a ‘socialist guilt trip’

The Democrat Party has come out of the closet. Nancy Pelosi may be Speaker of the House, but it’s increasingly obvious she’s not the speaker for the Democrats. We now see that President Trump has been right all along: the media is the greatest threat to our country.

The media created this insult to humanity known as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This is a product of the politically correct culture and a graduate from Boston University who, just like Obama, couldn’t find employment and got a job as a bar tender.

This Green New Deal, endorsed by other radical elements of the Democrat Party should not be ignored or overlooked. It is the most dangerous initiative foisted on us by our spoiled kids, the Millennials. Their big push is “everything is a right” and “everything should be free”. If they don’t want to work, they don’t have too. The billionaires should be paying their “fair share” and they wouldn’t need to.

This argument reminds me of a time when I had trouble rubbing two nickels together. My wife and I were shopping with our 5-year-old Shannon. We had managed our meager budget so that we’d left about a dollar in our bank account before payday. Shannon wanted some item and we told her we just couldn’t afford it this time. In her child logic she remarked, “That’s OK, Daddy, you can just write a check for it.” There in a nutshell is the Green New Deal.

These radicals want to vilify billionaires (really, just a few select billionaires that exclude Soros and the other wastrels who’re pushing this idiocy.) Their comment is that they don’t need all that money.

Understand one thing (Cuomo in New York is finding this out): You will not steal the wealth of a billionaire. Billionaires will move out and go someplace that will welcome them. Along with them, they’ll take the jobs that employed thousands of people and created a better life for those from the top to the bottom of the wage scale. Most billionaires didn’t get rich off of inheritance. They had to work to get there.

They got there, not because of greed, but because of endurance and dogged determination. Bill Gates, Steven Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, James Cameron, Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Lady Gaga, Michael Jordan, Lebron James and Tiger Woods never graduated from college. They started out with an idea or an ideal and worked tirelessly to get there.

They became billionaires simply because people at the low end of the pay scale wanted what they offered. Sure,

I couldn’t afford a private airplane, but Verizon will give me a $700 iPhone and include it in my monthly cell phone payments. I can scrimp up and save for a pair of Air Jordans, and we all go to the movies (if not literally, we sit at home and watch it on TV.) Zuckerberg actually provides Facebook “free” if you have an Internet connection.

Americans live well only because of billionaires rather than in spite of them. In a capitalistic society, everything is “trickle down.” Though Donald Trump doesn’t know the maid who cleans up a Trump hotel in Waikiki, you can bet the maid knows him.

This entire scheme is a socialist guilt trip foisted on us by fools who we elect to represent us. They didn’t have to worry about the government shutdown as it didn’t apply to them. These are not only fools, they’re exceptionally dangerous in a society seemingly filled with fools and idiots.

In more ways that one, (scarily prophetic),Ocasio-Cortez is the fox who convinced Chicken Little the sky was falling. The result of America hinges on people with common sense to point out this charade and expose these fools for who they are.

George Roof

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