Letter to the Editor: Guarding against foreign powers

I am a 96-year-old World War II veteran who was assigned to protect our national boundaries from foreigners invading or crossing our borders during the years of 1941-1946 President Trump is attempting to accomplish the same problem without full support and without giving up the lives of our military personnel. Why can’t the Democratic Party recognize the similarity of the current situation with the desire of the Japanese and German to immigrate to our country.

In order to prevent the illegal immigration during the years of 1941-1946 we lost 291,557 lives with 671,846 wounded. Fortunately, I belong in the wounded statistic.

Why is the Democratic Party opposing the program to prevent the foreign powers’ attempt to take control of this remarkable country is beyond my comprehension.

There are television programs requesting help for the children in this country for food and support Why are we offering to support other nations and ignore the needs of the citizens of this country?

Warner Schlaupitz

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