Letter to the Editor: Hall of Levy Court

Last spring we met Jeff Hall, Levy Court candidate, and we remain impressed with this family man’s insights into county issues plus his experience as an engineer, educator, and veteran (Coast Guard for 31 years, retiring as lieutenant commander).

Jeff has a wealth of experience in project and personnel management, engineering, technology, homeland security, logistics and budgets in the millions.

Currently department head for engineering technologies at Delaware Tech, Jeff interfaces with Kent County manufacturers, students and staff constantly. His projects reflect the type of comprehensive planning skills and solutions key to Kent County’s present and future.

Recently a group of citizens age 50-plus emailed Jeff 10 questions mainly focused on local senior issues — affordable care, transportation, aging in place/home, in-home care policies, nursing home costs and wait lists, rising costs for seniors with fixed incomes, etc.

He then met with those same seniors and discussed his well-researched, practical, written responses..

Jeff does his homework well.

He listens, empathizes and knows seniors’ challenges firsthand through his own family.

A holistic and dollar-savvy planner, Jeff also realizes that the needs and deeds of one sector create a domino effect for all. In addition, this native of Kent County thinks there is catching up to do.

As a Second District commissioner, Jeff Hall could bring fresh insights and powerful tools to the Levy Court team.

On Nov. 6 vote Jeff Hall for Levy Court.

Patricia Thompson

EDITOR’S NOTE: Democrat Jeff Hall is facing incumbent Republican James Hosfelt in the upcoming election.

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