Letter to the Editor: Hate and fear after midterms

I am stricken by all the hate and fear in recent OpEd pieces surrounding the 2018 midterm elections.

One pointedly suggested that anyone who hates Donald Trump must hate America. While confused about the definition, another claimed Democrats are becoming fascists. Such thoughts/words demonize people with whom these writers disagree. Opponents become BAD or EVIL and are threats to faith, family and the American way.

Such thoughts fan fear-based politics. Donald Trump is truly an expert at stoking fears about creeping socialism, “invasions” at our southern borders, infringement on 2nd amendment rights, threats to Christian values, social revolution favoring non-whites, etc.

For Trumpers, wouldn’t it be great to turn back the clock to the time of our Founding Fathers. They would be around to interpret (yes, interpret) the Constitution. Few worries about interference from those pesky women and people of color as only free white male landowners could vote. Media coverage would take weeks to reach even those who read, drastically cutting down on “fake news”. Nirvana?

To be blunt I am an old, “white” guy but I am not afraid of different people and ideas. Therefore, I do not subscribe to the politics of fear promulgated by Trump.

Without apology, my personal moral/ethical code causes me to vigorously abhor prevaricators. Put more simply, I detest liars. Donald Trump consistently acts as the Liar-in-Chief which is especially disgusting when his lies fan hate and fear. With such encouragement, it is no wonder that the diatribe of hate and fear from Trump supporters continues to injure our society.

Nevertheless, I continue to strongly believe in and support our country with its deep reservoir of tolerance, resilience, diversity and promise.

Dan Cannon

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