LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Here’s where to start in fighting the drug war

Over the past few weeks I have heard that President Trump wants to seriously address the national drug problem and severely punish drug dealers. Although I have never been a big Trump fan, I commend him on his efforts with this project and wish him well.

Might I suggest that he starts in our own Delaware backyard? Several months ago I was given a sample of an AstraZeneca product to try by my primary doctor and it worked very well. When I went to fill my prescription I was stunned to find out that the product was $385 for a 30-day supply.

Being a retired senior on a fixed income, I had to make the same choice as millions of Americans do every day: Do I want to eat, a shelter, have electricity or pay for my meds? I passed on the meds!

I see on television that AstraZeneca claims for their products that “If you have trouble paying for your medicines, maybe AstraZeneca can help.” I called AZ’s toll-free number and discovered that AZ places so many restrictions on their products that it eliminates practically everyone from eligibility.

I wrote a letter to Ruud Dobber, the president of AstraZeneca in North America and received a company form letter with another number to call to see if I could receive any financial help from the company. I talked to their representative and he took all my pertinent information and said I would receive an application form in the mail in a week to 10 days. That was six weeks ago. I have since sent another letter to Ruud and have had no response.

AstraZeneca has no intention of helping people with their medicines and will make people pay full price for their products so they can pocket the profits and pay their shareholders.

I think the Federal Communications Commission should look into these commercials and check the credibility of their statement. My question is, what makes Ruud Dobber any different than any street corner dealer, other then he has a big office on Concord Pike?

I hope when “The Donald” shoots off his mouth and says he is going to tackle the drug problem in America, that he realizes he is biting the hand that feeds Congress and his Wall Street buddies.

William C. Thigpen

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