LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hillary Clinton ‘speaks with forked tongue’

So, Hillary has the most experience to be the next president. So, let’s count her accomplishments.

1st. White House experience. Doing what? I guess, if you count directing seating arrangements for a state dinner or directing the kitchen, house-cleaning, and landscaping staffs, that makes you qualified for president.

2nd. Senate experience. Voted for the Iraq war; also voted for Obama’s stimulus package (remember the trillion-dollar toilet flush, right down the drain). Voted for Obamacare, just another entitlement going bust. Most experience as just another tax-and-spend Democrat.

3rd. Secretary of State experience. Remember Benghazi, Libya. Wasn’t it a video against the Koran that led to the attack? You know, just some fellows down at their local taproom that decided to go down and shoot up the U.S. [Consulate] and kill the ambassador and staff. It was a planned terrorist attack! Wasn’t she the one that made the statement [that] if the phone rings at 3 a.m., she’ll “be Johnny on the spot.” In this case, she was asleep at the wheel.

I’ll bet, if it was some of her family killed, she would be raising holy hell as to what happened. Remember beforehand that the ambassador had warned her of impending trouble ahead. He wanted her to either close the [consulate] and get the staff out, or provide more security. Then comes the cock-and-bull story about [how] the damn Republicans didn’t allot enough funds for extra security.

4th. E-mail scandal. She claims to have done nothing wrong. No classified material handled, but yet, FBI Director Comey said different, that she did so. Slick Willie also defended her against the FBI director, insinuating that he’s lying, not her.

5th. Slick Willie delays flight awaiting AG Lynch’s plane to arrive. Needed to talk about grandchildren. You don’t suppose it was a deal to squelch the e-mail scandal investigation and offer AG Lunch a possible nomination for the Supreme Court. Coincidence? More lies.

6th. Hillary going to tax the rich, crack down on Wall Street and the investment banks while getting campaign donations of $50 million from the aforementioned subjects. Another example of political cronyism. The Indians would say, “White woman speaks with forked tongue.”

7th. As for creating millions of new jobs, she’s proposing another trillion-dollar stimulus package (boondoggle) just like Obama’s failed policy before. Talk about being a hypocrite about creating jobs, and then, turning around and telling the coal miner’s she’s going to put them out of work and on welfare and food stamps. I guess her new-job creations will be for more government bureaucrats to handle all the extra paperwork to sign up all the newly unemployed coalminers.

8th. Now, the Bill and Hill foundation, or (a.k.a.) the Bill and Hill slush fund for worldwide travels and vacations, to make speeches and to rake in millions of dollars for the so-called “foundation.” You don’t suppose this is a scheme for “You have to pay to play”? One must assume that these foreign governments are not handing out big money because of the bigness of their hearts. They expect some favors in return. More lies, Even now, she believes in her own lies. Trustworthy? Yeah, right. Remember this old saying,” The sun don’t shine on the same dog’s (butt) every day!”

Walter G. McGinnis Jr.

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