Letter to the Editor: History will not look kindly on this

I am now 70 years old and thought we would have progressed further than we have. I protested in D.C. for civil rights and against the Vietnam War. I have had bottles thrown at my head, pushed and shoved, knocked down, you name it. I never let it deter me.

When I see the horrible things that are happening today, I cry. All of these right-wing Christians that back this dictatorship make me question what motivates their faith. Didn’t Jesus say, “Suffer the little children unto me?” These babies and small children need our help now. How many of them have to die before this country says enough?

How many go hungry or have no place to sleep? Would we allow these horrible things happen to our children? Then why is this allowed to continue? As a nation we must change this now. My protest days are far behind me, but in spirit my heart is marching to help them. History will not look kindly on any of this nor will our God.

Rouena Konkiel

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