Letter to the Editor: Hold Trump accountable

I have called for Trump’s impeachment for over a year. To my disappointment, Nancy Pelosi has said that she wants to work with the president, not impeach him.

The wall has become the first issue that she has tried to compromise. Instead of giving him the $5 billion that he wants, she gave him $1.2 billion. Trump’s reaction was that of a child. He said he will hold his breath and turn blue until he gets what he wants.

Unfortunately, the American people suffer from his tantrum. Shutting the government down is the real tragedy. Apparently, this does not trouble this man. Throughout the campaign Trump constantly said that Mexico was going to pay for the wall. Mexico never agreed. Therefore, once again we are at a place of dealing with Trump’s lies.

This is the time that this man needs to be held accountable for what he says. This is what happens in the real world. Unfortunately, Donald has never been told “no” before. The government shutdown is his fault. Do your job Nancy. Do you finally realize that you have no choice but to impeach him?

Paul Donnelly

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