LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hosfelt and Paradee keep their promises

As many of you know, there has been an ongoing problem with two of the cemeteries in our community.

One is Sharon Hills Cemetery, located on the west side of Dover, and the other is Odd Fellows Cemetery, located in Camden. We have two politicians that have been instrumental in getting this issue straightened out.

One is Commissioner Jim Hosfelt and the other is Trey Paradee, who is currently running for the Senate seat in the 17th District.

Folks, these two people are a prime example of how much more efficiently this town could run. They are on opposite sides of the aisle, yet have no problem whatsoever working with whomever they can to get the issues straightened out.

Trey authored the bill that was signed on Aug. 28 holding the for-profit cemetery owners responsible for the upkeep of grounds, accountable for the contracts signed by plot owners, and many other specifications that are so important to ensure our loved ones are resting peacefully. Upon the signing of the bill, the family members will then have an entity to go through that will enforce the new laws.

Cheryl Young

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