LETTER TO THE EDITOR: House veterans at military bases

The Pentagon is preparing to house foreigners at closed military bases at taxpayers’ expense.

We have thousands of homeless vets living in the streets struggling to get food and assistance with medical needs and jobs. It would be better to open these closed bases to our vets. They will be housed with other vets that need the same help.

These bases have medical facilities, shopping facilities and will give much-needed jobs to people who actually contributed to this country, only to be written off by political hacks. Veterans Administration doctors can operate on base to make it easier for our vets to get the help they need.

They can open the commissary to give our vets jobs. They can also do maintenance, grounds work and drive shuttle buses for them to get around the bases.

All these vets gave this country their loyalty, only to be forgotten. Yet we give “illegal immigrants” free room and board at taxpayers’ expense, who don’t contribute $1 to this country.

Enough is enough. America first.

Michael Malloy

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