Letter to the Editor: How soon they forget?

Judging from Mr. Hesterman’s letter on Nov. 4 (“Respect missing from the political discourse of left”) I’m assuming that his political leanings are to the right of center. While I applaud his call for mutual respect it seems he has is another victim of selective amnesia.

He talks about the lack of respect coming from the political left yet he mentions nothing about all of the invective, hate and vitriol aimed at President Obama and Democrats in general when he was in office. He seems to have bought into the canard coming from the talking heads on the right that the political left is, to quote them “an angry mob”.

Mr. Hesterman calls them “the unhinged left” and “this predominant faction … poses a genuine threat to the stability of our American society.”

I guess he wouldn’t consider the white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville and chanted about not being replaced by Jews as the unhinged right.

If Mr. Hesterman wonders “When did it become OK to target physical features including skin color?” then he must have been living in a cave with no access to electronic media for the past 10 years. He must have missed all of the derogatory names the Pres. and Mrs. Obama have been called.

He must have missed Mrs. Obama being compared to a monkey, or the Pres. being called a n____r, or pictures of Pres. Obama and Mrs. Obama as monkeys (Google it, kid).

I agree with his final statement “This fundamental quality”, respect,”needs to exist everywhere in our society.” but he needs to look at his political persuasion before he starts blaming the other side.

As for Mr. Roof’s comments, (“Let’s hold off on that ‘blue wave’ come Election Day,” Nov. 5) more of the same old, tired right wing talking points. I find especially interesting his statistics on job and wage growth. He states “Wages per capita are the highest they’ve been since George W Bush left office”.

Pres. Trump has been in office less than two years. What did he think was happening from the time Bush left office and Trump took office?

Economists know that economies as large as the U.S. economy don’t turn on a dime. The job and wage growth we are experienced started during the Obama administration. Trump is the benefactor of those policies.

All the so-called “middle-class tax cut” did was add money to the already rich corporations and individuals through stock buy-backs, tax cuts for the wealthy and dividend increases for the large stockholders. Very little of it went to job increases.

Steve Caporiccio

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