Letter to the Editor: How to pay for the Green New Deal

We have only until 2030 to transition to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions or we’ll face runaway global warming costing hundreds of trillions, causing “global economic collapse” followed by “societal collapse” (IPCC, National Academy of Sciences, US Climate Assessment 2018). The Green New Deal is the only plan out there which can meet that that 2030 deadline. Climate “skeptics” have gotten us to this crisis point.

Saying the GND is too expensive is like saying lifeboats for the Titanic are too expensive, but we can pay for the GND with a bill already in Congress (HR 7173) called “Carbon Dividends.”
It will tax fossil fuel corporations out of existence and give all the tax money to the taxpayers in equal monthly “carbon dividend” checks, adding $75-80 billion annually to our GNP. Canada’s done it for a decade: “Canada passed a carbon tax that will give most Canadians more money” (The Guardian). Details at citizensclimatelobby.org.

Lynn Goldfarb
Lancaster, Pa.

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