LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hypocrisy is astounding

Beverly Monahan’s last letter focused on the Farm Bill and how other things not related to it should not be included. (“Farm Bill Analysis,” June 3)

My question for her would simply be this: Where was this opinion of hers seven months ago when it was Trump who wanted the repeal of the individual mandate be included in his tax cut bill for corporations and the top 1 percent? The individual mandate had nothing to do with taxes but you touted how getting rid of it in the tax cuts was a good thing.

So why was it a good thing then to have an unrelated subject in that bill but all of a sudden this bill should be completely separate? Answer me that, will you??

The answer is pretty obvious for anyone who reads the letters you submit. No matter how ridiculous something is, as long as it’s Trump proposing it you’re all for it, no matter how hypocritical it makes you look.

And for the record, the SNAP Program is administered by the Department of Agriculture. It 100 percent should be included in the Farm Bill. Just because it was one of the reasons the bill was defeated doesn’t mean it should be excluded. It just means Congress should go back and come up with a bipartisan compromise.

I agree with you that bills should only include related items to that bill. But that should apply to both Republican- and Democratic-sponsored bills.

William Wilson

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