LETTER TO THE EDITOR: If Bonini really cared about the LGBT community …

Here we are, (soon) after [state] Sens. Bonini and Lawson threw a temper tantrum over a reading from the Koran and a Muslim prayer opening last Wednesday’s session of the Delaware Senate [“Senators object to reading of Muslim prayer,” article, April 6], and news is breaking (mostly through European news outlets) that, in the Republic of Chechnya, authorities are rounding up gay men and placing them in concentration camps, with some of them being murdered à la Nazi Germany style.

Senator Bonini cited the mistreatment of members of the LGBT community in Muslim-majority nations as part of his outrage over the prayer. If the “Honorable” senator actually cares about the treatment of members of the LGBT community (which, quite honestly, his past voting record doesn’t show much to indicate that), here is an opportunity for him to put some actions behind his words.

I am calling on the senator to draft and introduce a Senate Resolution that would call on the state of Delaware to divest itself from any investment or business dealings with any company that is based in Chechnya or that does business in Chechnya or with the Chechen government. Such a resolution should also ban such investments or business relationships in the future.

Mr. Senator, women and members of the LGBT community are not tools to be used to propel your personal political agendas or the agenda of your party. Please stand up and put some actions behind your words.

Ricky Shehorn

EDITOR’S NOTE: It should be noted that the Republic of Chechnya is not an independent nation-state, but a geographical subdivision of and subordinate level of government within the Russian Federation.

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