Letter to the Editor: Illegal immigration should have been stopped long ago

The issue is ongoing and ever changing. Illegal immigration cannot possibly be that hard to stop; unless we take a deeper look at our leaders.

Obviously, they are not taking any measure to prevent more illegals from entering our country — the numbers grow daily. Every time Trump makes a move to amend illegal immigration, Congress opens their mouths and it’s back to the drawing board.

Now, it’s reached the point where society cannot use the term “alien,” for fear of offending someone. Are you kidding me? I’m offended that the gates to our country are always open, allowing any and all to enter, lawfully or not. The same would not hold true if Americans tried to enter any of the countries that illegal immigrants hail from. We would be interrogated as spies, jailed, shot, who knows; but we sure would not be welcomed in and given a free pass to their country.

We would not be handed free medical, free food, allowed to vote, protest, you name it. How many times do legal citizens have to practically beg our government to stop allowing illegal immigration, stop handing over what rightfully belongs to our own, especially our veterans?

Our veterans have to plead and beg to get the help, that they fought for, and by all means deserve, but maybe because they are legal, they are at the bottom of the totem pole. Years go by and nothing gets done, years go by and illegals keep coming, years go by and our leaders swear they are working on the problem,, years go by, and we lose a little bit of ourselves and our country.

Why, you ask? Because we have too many liberal leaders in Congress and not one with a backbone. Not one.

The cannot see past themselves or their government positions to see what their poor choices and lapse in judgment have done, and continue to do too our country. They don;’t even stop to think that maybe, just maybe, some of the different strains of flu and other viruses are brought here by illegals who have not yet been immunized.

Again, it is not a case of bias, prejudice, or discrimination, just simple facts; enter legally or stay out. At the rate they pass through our borders, why in hell have border patrol? Shut it down and save the government money. It obviously isn’t working and hasn’t for years.

Debbie Hilton

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