Letter to the Editor: ‘Illegal’ is just that

Ken Abraham (Opinion July 21, “Of ‘illegal’ immigrants”) is confused regarding the definition of “illegal.” U.S. laws are quite clear that people entering the U.S. through any process other than the documented legal process of applying for citizenship are breaking the law.

If immigration law needs to be changed, then we should ask our elected officials to make the changes.

There are many people waiting patiently to emigrate to the USA using the current legal process. When impatient people ignore that process, resources are diverted from processing those who are obeying the law, and waiting patiently for their application to be reviewed and approved.

Do you think it’s fair when someone cuts in front of you? That’s what illegal immigrants are doing to those who are using the legal process for immigration.

And, if illegal immigrants are willing to break the law to get into the U.S., what makes anyone think that they won’t consider breaking other laws once inside the borders?

John W. Herman

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