Letter to the Editor: Illegal means just that

I read some comments in the paper about the border wall. It seems the thing that our leaders are forgetting is the word “illegal.”

Everyone agrees that we always need immigrants to come to America but not illegally. The laws are there and everyone got mad when the president enforced them. It seems the Democrats want nothing but “illegals” in the country. They have illegal Social Security cards and ID cards and then they even get money back from the IRS?

So now they have broken many laws but yet our Congress still fails to see the problem. We have agents 24/7, vehicles, boats, choppers and horses. Plus I am sure some are working lot of overtime. That costs money, how much? Tell us!

Plus you have to have all these detention centers and people doing the processing. It costs money, how much? It seems they cannot understand it is illegal to come into USA that way and they still keep trying. Congress should come up with new laws and even build another entry point.

Set up a program to let people in legally but no they cant do that because each of them has their own way they want it to happen. Same as every thing else they do. If a barrier is in place, it cuts down on the need for so many border agents per shift protecting areas that are not crossings.

Also the states that are allowing illegals to stay there should be charged with harboring fugitives and arrested. If I was to hide someone wanted by police and they found them here I would be arrested. Maybe some one can explain “illegal” to our congresspeople.

Marvin Fortney

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