Letter to the Editor: Impeach Trump now

Thank you, Congresswoman Rochester for changing your mind and joining the majority of Democratic congressmen who wish to impeach Trump.

Nancy Pelosi is still persistent in not wanting to impeach. She is too focused on getting 67 votes from the Senate for conviction, that is step 2, focus on step 1.

An analogy of this situation would be this: the D.A. of El Paso doesn’t indict that murderer of 22 People because she doesn’t know how the jury will vote. This analogy works well because this murderer felt he was carrying out the wishes of Trump. Trump refers to the Mexican border as a point of invasions, so this murderer takes his military-style weapon and goes to fight the enemy.

These unarmed civilians were shopping, not invading some of the victims were American, some were Mexican. This did not matter to the murderer; they were all brown. Enough is enough, I remember 9/12/01, this country was united. This racist has divided us on purpose for his own selfish reasons.

Paul Donnelly

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