Letter to the Editor: Impeach Trump?

Readers reacted to a recent letter by Paul Donnelly headlined “Impeach Trump now”:

• So according to Mr. Donnelly, Trump should be impeached because, for no other reason than Orange Man bad. So sad. However it must be pointed out that his thinking accurately reflects the exact same in those Democrat members of Congress, including Lisa Blunt Rochester who are supporting impeachment. Chronic TDS is a terrible condition in citizens suffering from it, but when it becomes political policy, it borders on the criminal. — Hezzie John Schools

• The Muller report makes it clear that the President has, foolishly, tried to obstruct justice numerous times. There seems to be no provable collusion with the Russians, but if there was none, why act like you are guilty of treason? Obstruction, conspiracy and lying to the FBI are all crimes that the president may be guilty of. Those are certainly as impeachable as lying about having sex with a White House intern.

I do not know if it make any sense to for the House to impeach the president given the effort it would require and the composition of the Senate who would be unlikely to convict regardless of the evidence. — John McCarthy

• This is still America and even John Gotti was innocent until proven guilty. Your best shot used millions of taxpayer dollars, sent a small army to wake up an old man and terrorize his family, impugn the reputation of an Army general, spy on American citizens, and found nothing. But you’re sure he’s guilty of something, you’re just not smart enough to find it. Pitiful. — George Roof

• If you are going to take action against Trump for El Paso, then you need to take action against Bernie Sanders for the GOP baseball shooting and against Elizabeth Warren for the Ohio shooting that same weekend as El Paso, and you should have impeached Obama after each mass shooting during his administration. Agree these mass shootings have to stop, but taking knee jerk measures that don’t solve the problem aren’t helping.

The fact that Trump is perceived by you and others to be racist is based on false reporting of incidents where he said people on both sides of taking down historic statues (not on both sides of the other demonstrations) and by a concentrated effort by our media to blow things out of proportion. Witness recent New York Times editorial policy directive that was caught on tape where the reporters were to go from Russia to racism as their focus.

More to the point, the shooter himself, Patrick Crusius, 21, posted a screed against Mexicans on Facebook before he drove 10 hours from his home to target them. But he said that his views predated Donald Trump’s election. So let’s believe him.

There is a reason these mass shootings are up, even as other violent crimes are in decline. We need to get to the root of the problem. Putting the blame where the shooters themselves don’t place it seems to be counter productive to solving the problem. — Gene Thornton

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