LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In defense of POTUS and me

Interpretation is a very valid word for opinionated commentary. Differing ops is what America stands for and believes in wholeheartedly. Based on several anti-Beverly opinions, I must address my positive positions on our president. A good friend of mine said, “They cut you up like a surgeon.” That’s true BUT surgeons can make mistakes.

President Trump is a unique political component in our world who has lived in the real world. Not the bubble-like cocoon environment that most other political figures have comfortably dwelt within. He has seen the good, the bad and the ugly that adversaries have delegated to him in his pathway to success.

Adversarial countries are no different than the aforementioned individuals whom he has experienced and concluded with success. Now there are bigger stakes involved. Has anyone noticed that America has steadily become the victim from both friend and foe when their countries’ tariffs were imposed? Apparently, prior presidents had other priorities and put the drastic monetary imbalances on their back burners.

These oversights resulted in billions of American dollars flowing into foreign countries. Fair? Not at all! President Trump will not continue to kick the can down that road to oblivion on these unfair costly practices. He takes the bill by the horns and gives it his best shot! This approach is not the accepted “norm” in Washington, DC. Change is good!

Regarding the comments focused on prior presidents Clinton and Bush on their achievements in holding Kim Jong Un’s “Daddy” at bay with a passive position on nuclear development. As an added incentive to “Daddy” Slick Willy gave North Korea billions of American dollars enhancing the minimum nuclear activity. Great deal maker, that Slick Willy. It could match the Iranian Kerry deal in spades!

Of course I realize there are many people in America who do not approve of the 45th POTUS but that’s what they must accept. Donald J. Trump is the president of The United States of America. So, folks just burn your Hillary T-shirts and move on to progress. The Nobel Peace Prize is still a reality. I’m betting on The Donald! Let’s let the continuation of the denuclearization process proceed.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is the leader in keeping a close watchful eye on NK’s nuclear activities. He will keep us apprised of the NKs true intent in completing their signed positive positions.

If one knows anything about the art of negotiation you learn that at the first initiative to deal making you enter the arena with both barrels blazing and steadily effectively reach the goal you actually sought. Just as the old true adage states, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” It works. You may have to ruffle a few feathers of the friendly adversary but it will eventually resolve the problem.

Don’t be concerned that anyone rained on my parade. I sing in the rain.

May God Always Bless The United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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