Letter to the Editor: Increasing our pay

I moved from New York to Delaware a few months ago to work as a direct care worker for adults with special needs.

I thought moving from New York to Delaware would have saved me money, but it hasn’t. Delaware does not pay its care workers enough money for me to make ends meet.

I love my job at Easterseals but I will have to work two jobs now in order to support my family. The adults I work with need aides to help them and the work is not always easy. It is my hope that the state will increase funding for services so the wages for caregivers like me can be increased and we can continue to care for those who cannot care for themselves.

I’ve worked hard all of my life and have never taken anything for granted. But, I sometimes feel like I’m taken for granted. I feel like if our elected officials could walk a day in my shoes, the decision to increase the dollars so wages for direct support workers can be increased would be an easy decision to make.

Jovanna Dunn
New Castle

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