Letter to the Editor: Is second city planner in Dover needed?

Yesterday, I learned from your paper that the City of Dover now has a SECOND city planner. [“Planning for Schutte Park’s future – City soliciting suggestions from Dover community on upgrades, amenities July 25)]

Not long ago, we learned that our fair city had hired an assistant city manager, at some $114,000 a year. This comes after the city has given big pay raises to the city manager, the finance director, and the city planner. And, claiming the city was in a deficit position, had increased property taxes on us unfortunate residents.

This is the same city that didn’t give us retirees any increase in pensions — let alone a 1-percent increase — again claiming a deficit, yet, can hire a second planner and an assistant city manager.

Excuse me, but do we really need a second planner? Do we really need all those six-figure bureaucrats to run this small town? And they’re wanting to give away the former library building to Wesley College (yes, I am an alumnus of Wesley), even though State Parks has desired that building for years, only to be ignored.

Dover used to be a well-run municipality. Whatever became of it?

Doug Van Sant

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