LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Jeff Hall For Levy Court

I’m pleased and excited to recommend Jeff Hall for Levy Court. Jeff is a native Delawarean and has returned to his roots following a distinguished career in the U.S. Coast Guard where he began as a seaman recruit and rose to the rank of lieutenant commander. As a 31-year member of the premier life saving service of the United States, Jeff learned the meaning of helping others and has a strong commitment to serve.

During his career he was instrumental in working with outside agencies to achieve just compensation for veterans who suffered from exposure to x-rays. As a co-author of a scientific paper documenting radiogenic health problems, the situation was recognized, addressed and resolved for the 10,000 service members who served at radio navigation stations.

Jeff brings this strong commitment to serve the citizens of Kent County in the same way that he served the citizens of our country. He brings a fresh face, a fresh outlook and extensive experience in helping others. Your vote for Jeff Hall would be assurance that Levy Court would be committed to the best outcomes both now and for the future on Kent County.

Mike Lovett


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