LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Jim Hosfelt for Levy Court

This midyear election cycle presents the voters of Kent County with many potential candidates. However, the choice for 2nd district Levy Court is quite clear.

Jim Hosfelt is running for his 2nd term as the representative of Kent County’s 2nd district. Jim brings a wealth of experience and leadership.

Jim entered the United States Airforce in 1980, and served his country until 1988 when he joined the Dover Police Department as a patrolman. During his time with the City of Dover, Jim rose through the ranks, ultimately arriving at the position of Chief of the Department.

Being the chief of even a small police department requires many essential skills, from dealing with employee issues, working with the city council, and being responsible for a multi-million dollar fiscal budget. Jim’s proven leadership as police chief required expertise in budget management while maximizing his police departments effectiveness.

Todays county leaders are challenged with providing the best living conditions possible to the citizens of Kent County. Whether it’s expanding Kent County’s paramedic program, or improving trash service and public infrastructure, our leaders must make sound economic decisions when spending public tax money. Jim’s prior experiences in the military and police department provide an excellent backdrop to who Jim is as a person.

Today, Jim is the Director of Public Safety & Track Operations for Dover Motorsports. In Jim’s current role he is responsible for all aspects of public safety for any event held at the speedway. This includes three large scale entertainment events: two triple-header NASCAR races and the Firefly Music Festival. Jim is responsible for the services provided by fire, EMS, security and law enforcement for these events. Staffing for these large-scale events far exceeds the speedway’s regular staff, and these temporary positions are filled with local county residents who work in security, fire support, and EMS type rolls. Over the course of the year, hundreds of Kent Countians are employed on a part time basis, and many of these staff members work all three major events. The speedway, with Jim’s support, encourages the hiring of local Kent County residents.

Jim is a devoted husband and father of two. His wife Sherry teaches 6th grade math at William Henry Middle School in the Capital School District. His son is on active duty in the U.S. Air Force and his daughter is a registered nurse. It is evident that Jim and the entire Hosfelt family in one way or another has positively impacted the lives of many people in Kent County.

When you go to the polls on November 2nd, there is only one clear choice to represent you in the 2nd Levy Court district, and that is Jim Hosfelt.

Mike Steindl


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