Letter to the Editor: Jumping the gun?

Frank Daniels — in his Commentary (DSN Jan. 17, “Democrats riding ‘fast train to socialism’”) — popped his cork about that ‘fast train to socialism.’ Let me show how he jumped the gun on that.

First, Daniels neither explained socialism nor said why it is so bad. Maybe he thinks government just takes away your money (it’s called taxation) and just spends it on stupid things.

Folks, we have had Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc., for many decades and — overall — these (socialist) services worked fine. We have systems of public (i.e. socialist) schools, police forces, highways, bridges, sidewalks, etc., and they work OK, too. In the military most members get free housing, free food at the mess hall, free medical services, discounts at the PX (but you get small paychecks in the military) and all this is in one big government bureaucracy which, therefore, makes it all socialist.

Since the bombers, battleships, and nuke subs (etc) are not privately owned, they are also socialist. The United States Postal Service is a government-owned business and, therefore, also socialist. I really don’t remember hearing all that much complaining about any of these. At least not any more than some big corporations in the private sector. So, roughly, a third of the U.S. economy, including all levels of government, is therefore socialist and doing more or less OK.

Second, I do agree with Daniels on one problem in Washington, D.C., the “power and money” factor. And there is too much mud-slinging, noise-making, name-calling, and other smoke and mirrors, too. By the way, I am a registered “independent” voter; and I don’t particularly favor either party.

Third, Daniels’ infatuation with Trump as somebody who walks on water is puzzling. Most of the polls show only 40-42 percent approval and 52-54 percent disapproval and recently it has been getting worse for Trump. Not only that but his current polling is below the polls for all five prior presidents. This is definitely not making America great again! Most of the rest of the world doesn’t like him, either. And that is starting to affect global trade, finance and geopolitics.

Fourth, and most sadly, Daniels said that he has stopped reading certain articles and, judging from his context, especially if they don’t embellish or praise or say something good about Trump.

Maybe Daniels has not heard of Fox News or Newsmax or some of the other pro-Trump channels? I have. They think he walks on water, too.

Arthur E. Sowers

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